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Date:2011-07-03 09:27
Subject:Travel Woes
Mood: exhausted

Well, we were over 19 hours late to our destination in Hawaii, but at least we made it! It was a stressful and somewhat depressing two days, but at least we made it, and our luggage too, which we were somewhat surprised about.... Ryan, who was most wonderful in dealing with all the stresses, is writing up something more detailed, which he may or may not post somewhere like Facebook, but here's my *slightly* shorter take:

We got to the airport in Raleigh and our flight to Chicago was close to an hour late. Well, cool, we had a decently long layover. We get up to the front of the baggage line and by then our flight was an hour and a half late. No longer cool, we wouldn't make our connection. So, Ryan called their customer service (the woman at the counter apparently couldn't find anything and told us to call them), got rescheduled on a new flight from Chicago to LA that would still get us there in time for our flight to Kona (on the Big Island), with a much shorter layover. Our flight ended up being much later than that, even, including time spent just sitting on the runway because we weren't allowed to leave yet. Apparently there was a big storm near Chicago that was delaying a bunch of flights...our plane had even had to go all the way back to the airport for more fuel before making its way to North Carolina. Anyway, we eventually took off and I retained hope that maybe our flight to LA would also be delayed, just the right amount that we'd still make our connection to Kona.

No such luck. We missed our flight to LA. So, Ryan got on the phone at one of the Rebooking Centers and we eventually got new flights. Chicago to Las Vegas, spending the night there, and then Las Vegas to Honolulu, and then Honolulu to Kona. And a schedule change request was sent for our suitcase...assuming they could find it. We had a big break before our flight to Las Vegas, so I tried calling my mom to maybe do dinner with her, since she happened to be in Chicago at the time. But alas, no dinner with mom, she was busy and didn't even get my message until after our flight left. But we did eat a big, slow, relaxing dinner in the Chicago airport.

The flight to Las Vegas ended up being a little late, but we didn't care, as we had about a nine hour layover. We ended up sleeping in the Las Vegas airport for about three hours (sadly couldn't find anywhere dark), and then looking for our next flight a bit after 4:00 when people started being around the terminal (excluding the others trying to sleep or the few staff) and making noise. We looked at the monitors...flights said D13, D6, D...lots of stuff. Ours? Said "4". We had checked D4 the night before, since there was another flight to Honolulu at 1:15 I think that was also out of gate 4. D4 was not the gate, it was empty. So, we took the tram to gates A, B, and C, hoping we might find something. We kept walking and found nothing before meeting the security exit. Back-tracked to find a security guard lounging around and asked him. Apparently gate 4 is in the other, international, terminal. Cool, thanks for posting signs (NOT). He told us how to get to the shuttle. We waited for a while, the economy parking van went by four times, Ryan finally asked the guy driving about the shuttle. Apparently, it starts running at 6:00, but he was awesome and offered to drive us over.

We got over to the other terminal and found out that you're not able to start checking in until 6:20 AM. I guess that's why the shuttle doesn't run until 6:00...but you'd think they'd note that on the sign or something. So, we chilled in the lobby until 6:15, then went and stood in the line with the other people who had arrived. We eventually got up to the front...and they couldn't find our flight records (American had done the rest of the flights and then put us on Hawaiian for the last two legs). After being those customers everyone else in line hates because three of the staff had to help us and we took like ten or more minutes, they found our records (not attached to our names), and got us tickets. Yay! But apparently they couldn't give us boarding passes for the flight from Honolulu to Kona because it's an inner-island flight and this one was international? (We assumed it was just "agriculturally" international.) Anyway, we were to pick up our boarding passes at the first gate desk after entering the inner-island section of the airport in Honolulu.

The flight to Honolulu went fine, it was even about on time for once. We got to Honolulu, and rushed to the inner-island section. We even found our gate (and there were no others nearby), but the line for the counter was huge. Eventually, when they were finishing up the last rows of boarding, Ryan went and asked the person taking tickets while I waited in line, and she said we weren't checked in, but that there was a flight like 35 minutes later at a different gate and to try to get on that one. We left the line we'd been standing in and walked to the other gate, where we waited in a much shorter line. We finally got to the counter and she searched around for a while and told us she couldn't do anything for us and to go back to the gate we'd previously been at. So, we went back and stood in the super-long line. We missed the next flight too, but he put us on standby for the one after that. We didn't make it, got automatically transferred to the next flight (close to an hour later), which they didn't actually tell us until Ryan went and waited in the now-depleted line again, and sat some more. They got as far as final boarding and we heard them call out for missing people. Ryan ran over and asked if they might *now* have spots (he'd asked quite a few times for both that flight and the one before), and she said yes, last two spots on the plane (nowhere near each other, but at that point we didn't care, plus the last flight was pretty short)!

So, we finally made it. And, more astoundingly, perhaps, our baggage change worked out too, so it had come in on our post-Chicago originally-scheduled flight, rather than on the next-day equivalent of our first day's flight, which would have gotten in five hours later, or stranded in Las Vegas because they couldn't find our records. So, we had our bag, we went and got our rental car, and we are situated. We woke up a little after 5:00 AM this morning, so I think our bodies are super-confused. But, we're here, and for now we're taking comfort in that fact. :)

We were thinking of trying to change our flights out next Friday to be early early morning and go to Boston, so we could attend my grandmother's funeral Saturday morning, but I think after the travel stresses and losing a day in Hawaii, that I just can't bring myself to call American Airlines. I just want our trip home to run smoothly. With our current luck, we probably wouldn't make it to Boston until Sunday anyway.

Now...to relax.

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Date:2011-03-23 09:31
Subject:Bill Update
Mood: hopeful

So after submitting all my paperwork and such for the bill mentioned in my previous post here, I finally got a response (x-ing out the numbers and text I don't want posted, they're not actually x's ;)):

Date: March 23, 2011 05:16 AM
Subject: Information regarding your recent dispute claim
Account: ...xxxx
Message: Case Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Miranda xxxxxxx,

On 03/03/2011, we issued a credit to your account regarding your dispute with N.A.P.W billed to your account on 02/28/2011. Unless the merchant resubmits the charge within 45 days of the date of this letter, we consider your case closed. If this occurs, we’ll notify you and may re-bill your account for the amount of the credit. Please keep all documentation related to this dispute for 90 days.

A letter of confirmation has been sent to your address on file.

If you have questions, please give us a call at 800-887-8643. Our Transaction Support Center Representatives are available from 7 a.m. to midnight Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday and Sunday.


Capital One
Transaction Support Center

So that's...good. Though sounds like they give the company a chance to re-bill me, so we'll see. I'm gonna hold off on contacting the company again about canceling my membership until the 45 days have passed. ;) But hopefully all will be well!

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Date:2011-03-03 16:22
Subject:I Hate Being Trusting Sometimes...
Mood: seething

I haven't posted in ages, but that's a good thing. In general, life is happy. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad. I can't complain, for the most part.

But this...I need to complain about. :(

I guess it must've been about two years ago, I got a call from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). I didn't really *want* to join...but I'm easy to manipulate and finally agreed to the one-year trial at $89 (the cheapest price they ever offer, from reading up online recently...so I guess at least I got her down to the cheapest? :P). The woman on the phone said I'd have to confirm again for the next year or my membership would be canceled.

Okay, I gave in, I have a year to figure out if it's worth it. It's most definitely not. I vow not to renew. They call me to offer me some BS "member of the year" reward that costs me money. I successfully refuse. I tell them to stop contacting me and that I don't want to ever give them money again. I think that's it, I'm good. I'm wrong.

I get an e-mail mid-February saying my renewal had been approved. Queue my "WTF?" moment. Sure enough, last February I was charged, without my consent, an automatic $99 renewal fee. I figure that a year-old charge is a lost cause, but I start digging. Apparently the documentation they give you *after* they get your credit card information mentions that there's actually a $99 automatic renewal fee EVERY YEAR. And sites the internet over complain about women getting scammed by this site, having to cancel credit cards to avoid the fees, etc.

(To be clear, it's a legitimate organization, but they offer very little and it's *certainly* not worth the price they charge...I might pay like $5 annually for it, willingly, and that'd probably still be them getting the better deal. And they are rather corrupt, as agreed upon by a former employee who posted about her ex-employer on a site I read.)

I'm seething by this point. I immediately e-mailed the membership cancellation address on their website. I have yet to receive any sort of response. I contacted my credit card company, hoping I could prevent the charge without canceling my card. I'm told to dispute the charge...which I can't do until it's actually charged.

Today I finally logged into my credit card and noticed that I was in fact charged. I've filed a dispute, but I don't know how it'll go. :( I'm depressed and pissed and torn between strangling someone and eating a pint of ice cream, neither of which will actually happen. I just hate being taken advantage of for being a good and trusting person. Queue reminder of the girl from college who fucking *still* owes me $252 and keeps telling me she'll pay me...well okay, not true, she has by now stopped responding to my messages. But she *used* to tell me that. For years! I just.... *sigh* I don't even know.

Maybe I'll go cry now.

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Date:2010-04-29 12:14
Mood: cheerful

I don't really expect anything to come of it, but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't go for it, so I got in on the last day of Glee auditions.

I would ABSOLUTELY love it if you'd show your support for me by giving me a gold star (or many!). You need a Myspace account, but you can always use a junk mail account if you don't want to keep it. :)

Please please please go check it out!! http://www.myspace.com/gleeauditions?link=533002949

(For the record, that would *not* have been my song choice if they'd had more than like 10 options.)

Edit: So I actually auditioned on "Encore Day" where they re-opened auditions for 24 hours. Soooo...voting is already over. Thanks anyway! :)

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Date:2010-02-13 20:07
Subject:Meme: Letters & love
Mood: cheerful

Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten things (yes people count as things for the purpose of this) you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

showlacedreamer gave me O. (Okay...O is really hard guys!)

1. Object of my affection ;)
2. Ocean
3. Olives (the black variety)
4. Orchids
5. Oregon (OMG how did I not think of this one until now?!)
6. Oreos
7. Originality
8. Ornaments
9. Outdoors
10. Orange sherbert

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Date:2009-12-14 23:12
Subject:Ah almost vacation time...
Mood: happy

Soooo...happy things in my life!

1. My brother noticed my *cough* not-so-subtle disappointment at not being in the wedding party. I am now a "groomsmaid" and the odd (wo)man out, as the parties are 2 and 3, but oh well. I get to be in the wedding! :)

2. I bought my first ever personal Christmas tree. Including the top spindly part, it's probably 7 feet tall or so. I bought a stand and lights and it sits in front of out window (which faces the parking lot) so when I drive in to park I see it greeting me. :) I'm a bit short on lights (covers the tree, but a bit sparse) because I didn't realize how many it actually took, but meh, it makes me happy. I was thinking of getting more lights and putting off putting up the ornaments for that...but at this point, we leave in one week, so I may have to give up on that plan (as we plan to not leave the tree for the cats to destroy while we're gone).

3. Christmas music is everywhere. It has finally started feeling like Christmas. I listen to Christmas music mostly when Ryan's not around (read: work day and in the car), but it makes me happy. Plus *lots* of choir concerts of their own Christmas music. :) Lots of singing this month. (I should note, I had Christmas music last month too, but it didn't feel right...now it does. :))

4. Almost vacation time! After this week ends, I'm on vacation until next year, oh how wonderful. Can't wait, really need a mental break.

5. I'll be flying into Oregon next Tuesday...yay for some time in my home state with family (and hopefully at least a little bit of time with friends!).

6. My friends and I are going to see Wicked in April. I've been wanting to see this show pretty much since it came out, and it finally is coming to North Carolina, I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

7. Ryan and kitties are of course happy for me, though Ryan does still owe me a birthday dinner. :P (We were both insanely busy in November, so it got put off.) It'll be nice to have some relaxing time with him over the holidays. :) Even if we have to leave the kitties at home. :( I'll miss them while we're gone, but hopefully they're safe enough.

8. Oh, and been hanging out with our friend Laura more, just the two of us. It's nice to hang out with just a girl from time to time, and I love that we're getting closer. :)

Aaaaand...that's it for now, my little happy update! Nothing too special or anything, but it's the little things in life. :)

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Date:2009-06-18 17:31
Subject:Stupid Drivers Update
Mood: optimistic

From Monday:

Thanks for your valuable suggestion and traffic engineering staff will review this and provide you a follow-up report later this week.


From today (Thursday):

Thank you for your valuable comments. In the next few weeks the Traffic staff will be implementing changes to better designate the right turn only lane. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information. Thank you


Yaaaay! I hope it helps....

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Date:2009-06-13 12:25
Subject:Stupid Drivers
Mood: frustrated

I finally got fed up enough with the awful drivers near our apartment to e-mail the Chapel Hill Traffic Authorities about it. I don't know if they'll do anything about it, but this was about all *I* could do, so I figured it was worth a shot. :(


I have a traffic concern I'd like to report, so hopefully *something* can be done about it.

At the intersection of Sage Rd. and Old Sterling Dr. in Chapel Hill.

Here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Sage+Rd.+at+Old+Sterling+Dr.,+Chapel+Hill,+NC&sll=35.948585,-79.013822&sspn=0.012681,0.01575&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=A

Heading north on Sage Rd., there are two lanes. At Old Sterling Dr., one is a right turn only lane. However, the single lane on the other side of the intersection begins at the full two-lane width before shrinking down to one lane. There are an insane number of people who blatantly ignore the signs and the road painting and go straight from that lane. Today I even witnessed two vehicles move into the left lane (after the first "right turn only" marking, so they should have known) to pass a bicycle, and then move back into the right lane before the intersection, only to go straight. This is really dangerous, as most people assume that from a right turn only lane, people will turn right. I have multiple times almost pulled out from Old Sterling Dr. to turn left onto Sage Rd. in front of one of these vehicles that goes straight. Obviously, that would result in a pretty nasty car crash--not fun.

I think either the right turn only lane needs to be more clear (perhaps striped lines across the other side of the intersection to help show that people shouldn't be driving there?) or the right turn only needs to be removed and a merge added across the intersection. Because as it is, as a right turn only *many* people don't follow, it is extremely dangerous.

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Date:2009-04-12 13:18
Subject:Kittens for Free!
Mood: happy

Happy Easter! Have a blessed day!

Now...on with the real reason I'm posting. ;) As you all should know, Ryan and I have two cats, Scout and Valkyrie. Well, their mom had kittens again. These three kittens need homes! They look a lot like Scout and Valkyrie's litter, but check out the pictures (linked below) for proof. ;) The dark grey and orange (matching Scout and Valkyrie) are boys and the light grey (matching their sister) is a girl. They're free and will be ready to go home (weaned and potty-trained) in like two weeks, I think. The owners of Katie (their mom) say this is the most mature, active, and healthy litter yet. I'll attest to that, they're quite brave (for four-week-old kittens) and like people and being petted.

If you like cats, and can come to NC to get one (or more!), you'd be missing out not getting one of these kittens. Let me know if you want one, so I can lay claim to the one you want! :) If you can't come in two weeks to get them, I can host them for a bit or the owner can for at least another week or two.

Now, without further ado, pictures!

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Date:2009-04-10 01:11
Subject:Random Game
Mood: cheerful

Quoting the person who linked it to me:

"Here's a fun little diversion I stumbled upon. Basically you make an arena fighter (you choose visually on the left hand side what you look like) and then you enter into the arena for a series of fights. the distribution of fighting skills is completely random as is the action itself (you don't actually run the fight you just watch and hope your brute comes out on top). Its got that tetris crack addict feel about it, but you can only do a fixed number of fights per day so you can't get in too much trouble. You can do random fights against strangers or even link your own page once you have a character to fight others."

Come join me! Here's my link: http://karinx.mybrute.com/

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Date:2009-03-27 17:52
Subject:My Collage
Mood: happy

- Go to Google image search.
- Type in your answer to each question.
- Choose a picture.
- Use this website ( http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php ) to make your collage.
- Save the image for use in this note.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
13. What makes you laugh?
14. What makes you cry?
15. What are you great at?
16. What are you terrible at?

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Date:2009-03-21 14:14
Subject:Personality Type Report
Mood: pleased

From http://www.psychjuice.com/per/passess.htm

Seems pretty accurate. :) And thank goodness it's the weekend...I love sleeping past noon.

Your Personality Preferences

While you may not be anti-social, you do need (and deserve) your private time and space to retreat from the world. Unlike extroverts, you need to develop a concept of the world or some aspect of it before experiencing it. Too much socializing may sap your energies. Your energies are derived from exploring the inner world of ideas, impressions and pure thought.

You usually gather information with your senses: what you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell in the physical world. The facts gathered from the sensory data you process are the building blocks of your model of our world. You concentrate your energies on what actually exists and do not ponder what might exist too much. You are usually practical and rely on your common sense to guide you through the world. You see things as they are and have little or no need to search for underlying meanings.

You like decisions to be made as soon as possible. You are not comfortable with loose ends and like to see conflicts resolved as soon as possible. You have a preference for a well-structured, orderly lifestyle with few surprises. It may not be all that important who makes the decisions that gets things done as long things do get done. You take commitments very seriously. While you are not inflexible, you do like to stick to a plan once it is set into motion.

You make decisions subjectively based upon your values and what is important to you. How people will be affected by your decisions is important to you. You are likely to make decisions based upon what you feel is acceptable and agreeable rather than what is logical. Your truths are founded in your values and those of the society you live in. It is important to remember that we are discussing how you evaluate data and make decisions, and that you rely on your feelings to do so in no way implies you are overly emotional.

Your Personality Type


While quiet and reserved by nature, you are very warm-hearted, considerate, gentle, and trustworthy. You have a very well developed work ethic, which ensures you will complete the task before you in a timely manner. You like to help others and are very comfortable working behind the scenes to do so. Getting the job done is far more important to you than accolades for a job well done. You are detail oriented and meticulous in your work habits. Even small mistakes haunt you. While you are not one to give orders, you are very supportive of those around you.

In relationships you are kind, considerate, and show your affection by fulfilling the needs of those you love. You want a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones and will do what you can to make your lives so. You like a structured lifestyle with well defined goals. You avoid hurting others. Your need to feel needed can keep you in unhealthy relationships with overly needy people. .

Famous People of Your Type:

Louisa May Alcott, Lord Tennyson, Barbara Bush, Charles Dickens, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Robert E. Lee, Queen Mary I.

Occupations Suited to Your Type Include:

Bookkeeper, clerical specialist, computer operator, counselor, curator, dental hygienist, medical assistant, nurse, office manager, optician, paralegal, retailer, secretary, teacher, and veterinarian.

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Date:2009-03-01 18:28
Subject:My Band's First Album
Mood: sore


1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random”
or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"
or click http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar (http://www.picnik.com/) to put it all together. (Alternately make a poster of by going to http://diy.despair.com/motivator.php and entering in the above.)

Here's mine:

In other news, I have to wake up at 6:00 AM tomorrow and drive an hour and a half (in good weather) in who knows how much snow! I'm going to be exhausted. Oy.

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Date:2009-02-22 18:30
Mood: disappointed

I feel kinda sad. I had a concert today and, granted, my choir was only singing in one piece (though a long one) of five, but none of my friends other than Ryan (who lives with me and thus doesn't have much of a choice) came. And this was a *free* concert. I just can't imagine how I could ever get them to come to a concert they'll have to pay for, if I couldn't even get them to go to a free one. I feel rather unloved at the moment, and I've just been kinda gloomy since the concert. Ryan's a dear, but he can't change the facts.... Singing is *really* important to me, and none of my friends came. It's just hard to ignore. I'm sure I'll be over it tomorrow, but for now I'm pretty bummed out.

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Date:2009-02-17 17:28
Subject:Brought to you by the letter...M!
Mood: cheerful

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. . .nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Have Fun!!

1. What is your name:

2. A four Letter Word:

3. A boy's Name:

4. A girl's Name:

5. An occupation:

6. A color:

7. Something you wear:

8. A food:

9. Something found in the bathroom:

10. A place:

11. A reason for being late:

12. Something you shout:

13. A movie title:
Meet the Parents

14. Something you drink:

15. A musical group:

16. An animal:

17. A street name:

18. A type of car:

19. A song title:

20. A verb:

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Date:2009-01-30 17:30
Subject:What a Work Day
Mood: drained

Oy. My brain is fried. Today is probably the most I've used my brain in months, maybe more. And next week, at least the first couple days, will be much the same. I find it interesting, and I love that I'm getting it to work, but it seriously is tough on my brain. I just...don't want to think (now that the work day is over). I want to just stare off into space or something.

This really isn't an exciting LJ post, sorry. I just can't think. And apparently that's a good enough reason to go write an LJ entry (or perhaps it's just the cause).

My brain is just in a state of "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (I'd write more 'h's, but you get the point).



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Date:2009-01-09 15:12
Subject:Plethora of Updates
Mood: cheerful

So, first, a brief overview of my many Christmases. First, Ryan and I (and the kittens) flew out to Oregon. We spent most of our time at my mom's, a few days with my dad, including one day skiing with him. My brother's original flight got canceled due to the snow in Portland, but he got a flight into Eugene (actually closer for us) a couple days later, so at least he made it in time for Christmas. Home was...certainly more stressful than usual. I am eternally grateful to Ryan for coming home with me, I needed his reassuring presence multiple times. Primarily when one of two things happened: 1. my dad started talking about his girlfriend and tried to convince me that I should meet her, 2. my mom got upset that we kept spending time with our dad/others and started using me as a scapegoat. I understand that she was upset, and why, but it hurt. Not so much her getting angry with me over it, but moreso her being upset. I'm a sympathetic person--she starts crying, I start crying. Makes for an unhappy Miranda. But, most of the time was good (though I didn't really have time to see any of my friends :(), and Scout and Valkyrie had a grand ol' time. They're pretty good travelers too, though I think Scout was getting a bit sick of it by the flight home and freaked out for a little while.

We flew back the day after Christmas, and then drove up to Virginia the day after that. Spent the next few days Christmasing with Ryan's family, which was much much less stressful for me. Though I did accidentally get Ryan's step-sister upset. :-\ Ryan's cousins came up our last day there, too, so we got to see them a bit. I think Scout and Valkyrie were terrified of the small children, though. That was a first for them.

I guess I stop here and list a few present highlights:
-Fondue pot from my dad
-Cute picture frame thing from Ryan's mom
-VCR/DVD player from my mom (plugged it in and first thing watched a Disney VHS--chose Mulan)
-Guitar Hero III from my brother
-All the cat toys that have already been destroyed ;)

I also brought back a couple old favorite board games and two book series I want to re-read from home, so yay. :)

Since Christmas, I've been busy off and on with work. I'm switching projects in just over a week, and apparently it's a much busier project, so hopefully I don't get too stressed and busy. I like having a life. :-\ But...we shall see.

I made Ryan see Marley and Me on New Year's day. The ending was way sad. I bawled...just a bit. We spent the eve before with champagne and strawberries...and World of Warcraft. Even watched the fireworks WoW did at midnight realm-time. We're nerdy, I know, but it was awesome. I'm hoping to get my main to level 80 by the end of the month, hopefully sooner--wish me luck! I got to 77 last night. :)

Hmmmm...can't think of much else to update. We got the kittens their booster shots and got them tested for feline leukemia (shouldn't need to again I think, as they're indoor cats)--they're clean, happily.

Oh! I auditioned for and got into the Chapel Hill Community Chorus. They're not a super-amazing chorus or anything, but it'll be sooooo nice to be singing again. It's the same evening at swing club, but I hadn't been going as much to that anyway, as I get annoyed that the lessons are all review for me, so I'll hopefully just keep up with that going to fun stuff. :) But I'm so excited about being in a choir! Haven't had a rehearsal yet, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Have a happy 2009!

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Date:2008-12-01 13:22
Subject:Thanksgiving et al
Mood: worried

Had a good Thanksgiving, for the most part. Flew up to Boston Monday evening to spend the holidays with my mom's side of the family and see my grandmother (dunno how much longer she'll last, so it was good to see her once more). My mother, brother, and cousin all arrived Tuesday evening (I worked Tuesday, just from my aunt's house). Also got to meet my aunt's boyfriend Ken (her husband passed away a few years ago).

For Thanksgiving dinner, we all (minus grandma Polly, who stayed in the nursing home) drove to Connecticut to meet up with family (my second/third cousins and their parents). Also some significant others and friends. 22 people in total, definitely a big Thankgsiving dinner.

Ryan, on the other hand, drove with the kittens up to Virginia Wednesday to spend the holiday with his family. Though he *did* have to get up almost as early as I did Friday morning (I got up at 3:45 AM, he got up like 5:30 or so, I think), as my flight was at 6:15 and he wanted to be back in time to settle the kittens back in the apartment before heading to pick me up.

Unfortunately, shortly after I got back, I discovered I'd gotten sick. Some sort of stomach bug that was most inconvenient. :-\ Happily, I felt better for a while that evening, as we'd planned to attend a little Thanksgiving potluck with friends here, which was excellent. I felt good until about 10-15 minutes before we left. Been off and on since then, but I think I'm mostly better now. Didn't wake up even once during the middle of the night last night. :) (The two nights previous, I think I got up 5-10 times during the night.)

The only other update I can think of is my kittens. They're getting fixed today, and I'm fretting about it. I can go pick them up at 4:00, so I'm counting down the minutes.... They have to be kept apart for three days though, which I think will be hard on them. Especially because that means only one can be with us at a time. :-\ They've never slept alone, so we'll see how they cope.

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Date:2008-11-24 11:33
Subject:Birthday Celebration
Mood: happy

Well, my quarter-century (EGAD) birthday was Thursday. But, I was busy most of Thursday (went to work in Wilson, plus had an AOII alumnae thing in the evening, including dinner), so other than opening presents from my parents that morning, most of my celebration was Saturday. And it was amazing.

First, got Ryan to come to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with me. Granted, I paid, but his company was present enough. ;) Went with Marc and Kim, as it was cheaper to get four tickets than two (per ticket), so I decided I wanted to double-date. It. Was. AMAZING. Oh, TSO, I'm in love with you. If you have a chance to see a TSO concert and haven't before, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Second, we had planning to go to Melting Pot after for dinner. However, we both kept forgetting to call while they are open to make reservations (we kept remembering in the morning/early afternoon and they don't open until like 4:00 or something), so we called right after the concert. She said soonest available table (other than first-come-first-serve in the bar) was 9:00. But I was determined, so we headed over anyway. Turns out, we waited maybe like 15 minutes, and even got a Lover's Lane booth. Perhaps someone canceled? Anyway, it worked out well. And dinner was, of course, amazing.

Then we went home and enjoyed ourselves, I ended up napping a little bit (silly wine), and we played some WoW too.

All in all, a very enjoyable birthday celebration. :) *happy sigh*

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Date:2008-11-09 15:58
Subject:Kitten Update and Question
Mood: kittens!

Soooo...Wednesday evening I found a flea on Valkyrie. Looked up stuff about it online, discovered the black flecks I'd been seeing were due to said flea. That said, we think she'd had it less than a week, and were pretty sure it was only one (so far). Must have hopped onto someone who came over to our apartment (including Ryan or myself). :-\ Anyway, bought Frontline and put it on both of them Friday afternoon. We've been brushing them pretty regularly and haven't seen any black flecks since, so hopefully it worked. Just hope it's still working for any eggs that hatch!

Unrelated, but a question for any cat/kitten-owners...what sorts of treats do your cats like? Scout and Valkyrie don't seem too fond of the treats we got (crunchy with chicken and fish flavors), so I'm hoping for a popular suggestion. :) Thanks!

Around 2.5 weeks until their first extended trip (a couple days) away from home (with Ryan to Virginia for Thanksgiving), hopefully they accept it alright. :) I've heard of cats hiding away when at a new place, but these two seem fairly brave most of the time, so I'm hoping they'll be fine.

Just over 3 weeks until they get fixed...Ryan informed me that some animals' personalities change when they get fixed, but I'm really hoping that doesn't happen to my babies, I love them as they are!

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